Strategy and core values
A message from the CEO
William Lewis Stone
Mr. William Lewis Stone
Director and Chief Executive Officer

I and the rest of the SPRC Family would like to welcome everyone to the SPRC Family.

SPRC is a different kind of refining company. We have a strong “ONE FAMILY” Culture that underlies everything we do. Our Family includes all of our stakeholders, including our staff, contractors, customers, vendors, community, government, and of course our shareholders. We care for the safety, well-being, and success of our entire Family, just as we care for our own children, spouses, and parents at home.

Our success is dependent on, and a result of, the relationships our One Family develops, working together to achieve performance excellence. Our strategy is to…“Set the Standard” in everything we do. We expect to...Set the Standard as Employer of Choice in Thailand, Set the Standard Globally for Operation Excellence, and Set the Standard for Shareholder Return in Asia Pacific.

The foundation to Setting the Standard is our passionate commitment to personal safety. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone in our "One Family" goes home safely each day, and stays safe at home as well. Since 2005 we have built a culture that expects to achieve injury and incident free operation. I am proud to say that our SPRC Family has achieved over 11.7 million man hours without days away from work injury since mid of 2013. We have similar success in process safety.

Building off of our success, approach and attitudes to personal and process safety, we have also achieved impressive performance in other areas of Operational Excellence including reliability, utilization and environmental protection.

Over the last few years, we ranked near the top of the best performers in the Asia-Pacific region in reliability and utilization.

In order to Set the Standard as Employer of Choice, SPRC is developing world-class leaders and providing training and development opportunities for our staff, creating a highly-engaged, high performance Family. We Set the Standard for Shareholder return through our Bottom Line Improvement Program which focusses on capturing increased margin and drives superior financial results. Our commitment to our customers is evident through our “Crude to Customer” initiative that ensures that the quality of our product deliveries meets or exceeds our customer expectations.

Our 2015 performance in numerous safety, operational and financial measures was our best ever and among the best in the Asia Pacific region.

SPRC has been producing transportation fuels and other petroleum products for the Thai domestic market for 20 years. Our primary products are gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel. With a capacity of 165,000 barrels/day, we provide about 13% of the refining capacity in Thailand and we supply about one third of the domestic gasoline demand.

SPRC plans to continue to provide the fuels that power the financial growth engine of Thailand for many years to come. We recognize that to do this, we must have a good balance between financial performance, stewardship of the environment, and social development. With our commitment to a long-term balance of these objectives, we have incorporated Sustainable Development concepts into all of our work practices, procedures and decision making.

At SPRC, corporate governance is deeply embedded in our One Family culture and our approach to engaging with all of our stakeholders. Indeed, a large part of our success as an organization is dependent on our reputation for transparency, honesty and fair dealing and is firmly rooted in the integrity of our management and staff.

I am confident that the power of our highly engaged Family will continue to drive SPRC’s success and allow us to “Set the Standard” for the refining business, and achieve our vision:

Welcome to the SPRC family.