SPRC organizes “Sarn Fun-Pun Sook” project to support Doo Blor Key School, Tak Province
06 April 2017

     On 24-26 March 2017, SPRC organized the “Sarn Fun-Pun Sook” volunteer project (fulfill dreams-share happiness) at Doo Blor Key School, Tak Province. The project aims to improve the school’s learning center infrastructure, and basic facilities, e.g., the library, kids’ corner, toilets, water storage tank and drinking water filtration system, lighting system and generator including solar cells, as well as sport equipment. There were about 32 SPRC volunteers. The total donation for the project reached 365,000 baht, coming from the SPRC management, staff, Family members and contractors.
     The Do Blor Key School holds about 70 students at Prathom 1 - 6 and is located upon a hill, not easily accessible. The company recognizes the importance of education, to help those in need and narrow the social gap, not only in the area in the vicinity, but in the distant area as well. The volunteer project hence was organized as a way to contribute beneficial things to society, which, in turn, can help form good relations among SPRC members, too.