SPRC’s “Run For You” marathon’s proceeds earned medical equipment for Rayong Hospital
21 June 2019

On June 21, 2019, SPRC, led by CEO Timothy Alan Potter, officially presented the medical equipment to the Rayong Hospital. The handover ceremony was held at the Kameo Grand Hotel, Rayong, and was attended by Legal and Special Affair Deputy Director Dr. Vicharn Chokreamungsakul, the hospital representative. The medical equipment presented included the choledocho videoscope, the ventilator, and the resuscitate warmer, all of which amounted to 2,250,000 THB. The money raised received a major contribution from the proceeds without any deduction of expenses from the company’s “Run for You” charity running event, taking place on May 12.

Having been held for 3 consecutive years, the “Run For You” charity running event, this year under the theme of #EnergyReturn, received support from various agencies, public and private alike, for instance, Royal Thai Naval Air Division, Royal Thai Fleet; medical staff from Queen Sirikit Hospital and Rayong Hospital; as well as local police officers. The event attracted more than 2,000 participants. Recognizing the importance of good health, SPRC organized the event to promote physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle to people of all sexes and ages. The event was also regarded as a contribution to the public welfare, especially in Rayong Province, as well as advocated for the company’s safety culture, both of which are part of the corporate mission.