SPRC organizes the projects to improve patients' quality of life at Camillian Social Center Rayong.
07 November 2018

     On November 1, 2018, SPRC led by Mr. Andrew Benjamin Walz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, together with Mr. Timothy Potter, Chief Executive Officer, and SPRC staff delivered Solar Cell to the Camillian Social Center Rayong to help reducing the expenses as well as the energy saving of the Center.
SPRC also initiated the "Pook-Pan" project or Tie Dye Clothing, in which the Center’s children or patients can learn how to tie dye shirts or clothes to be as the career opportunity. Moreover, we installed handrails for the patients to be used during exercise. With the total expenses of 1,122,600 baht, all of these activities are to help enhance the patient's quality of life and pave way for their better future.