Knowledge sharing on “Inside the refinery business from Expert” by SPRC Management
12 June 2019

    On 30 May, 2019, Mr. Padoong Pleanrungsi, Commercial and Government Liaison of Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited and executive committee of The Federation of Thai industries (F.T.I) educated the 70 participants of Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy under the topic “Inside the refinery business from Expert” at IRPC Enco office Training room Bangkok.

    F.T.I. is the private sector administrative juristic person to serve as the core organization and also as the centre for all Thai industries in the kingdom. It is a non-profit organization with the main duties of promoting and supporting the industry focusing on both developing sustainable growth for all industrial operations in the country. The Federation of Thai industries(F.T.I) was established on 13 November, 1967, On 29 December 1987 the government legislated “The Federation of Thai Industries Act,1987” which took effect at its printing in the Royal Gazette resulting in upgrading the former A.T.I. to F.T.I. – the Federation of Thai Industries(F.T.I.) which came under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry.