SPRC Announces the Performance of Q1’2017 Net Income of US$ 82 million (Baht 2,909 million)
04 May 2017

     On 04 May 2017, Mr. Bill Stone, CEO and Director of SPRC announced the company’s performance for Q1’2017 with total revenue of US$ 1,276 million (Baht 44,880 million) and       net income of US$ 82 million (Baht 2,909 million).
     The market gross refining margin in Q1’2017 was US$ 7.98/bbl, slightly increased from Q4’2016 as a result of growth of domestic sales, strong gasoline margin and consistent contribution from margin optimization through the Bottom Line Improvement Program (BLIP).
     Mr. Bill stated “With our strong “ONE FAMILY CULTURE”, SPRC remains a top performer in  safety and reliability,  achieving over 3.5 years and 13.6 million man-hours since our last days away from work injury as well as sustaining top of the first quartile performance in reliability as compared with peers in the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean region.”