SPRC signs MOU for road safety under the project “Pracharath-ruam-jai: Road Safety”
06 April 2017

     On April 5, 2017, Khun Angkana Panyaopart, Manager of EQHS and Laboratory and the representative of SPRC, joined the signing ceremony of an MOU on the promotion of road safety, under the project “Pracharath-ruam-jai: Road Safety”, at Energy Complex, Building C, Bangkok. The ceremony was presided over by Pol. Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew, Minister of Social Development and Human Security. It involved more than 50 organizations, including public, private, and civil agencies.
     This MOU aims to establish “an organizational standard for road safety,” focusing road safety management system concerning the agencies and their transportation service provider. It intends to raise awareness of such the matter to the staff and develop a personnel with responsible driving behavior, who will in turn cultivate the road safety mindset in their family. A measure and a policy on road safety are proposed and issued in the purpose of life and property security. The MOU also encourages more effective law enforcement regarding road safety, as well as, prompts each organization to employ the vehicle and its extra equipment which are of qualified standard and in proper maintenance.