SPRC Receives 2017 PTT Group Operational Excellence Awards (PTT OpEx)
11 April 2017

      On March 30, 2017, the Company led by Mr. Steve Lewis Gibson, Deputy CEO – Operations, together with SRRC management and staff received the 2017 PTT Group Operational Excellence Awards at PTT Global Chemical (Rayong Office). This year, SPRC has been awarded including:

  • The Best Practice Sharing Award (Bronze Award) from SPRC BP2016 Cyber Security Improvement Project
  • Non-financial Award: Hot Work Enclosure
  • Zero Unplanned Shutdown (ZUS) Awards that were considered from continuous operation without unplanned shutdown. There are 3 units receiving this awards following:

- Complex Crude Distillation Unit and Vacuum Distillation Unit (6 consecutive years from 2011  - 2016 year)
- Complex CCR Platformer Unit (4 consecutive years from 2013  - 2016 year)
- Complex Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) (2 consecutive years from 2015  - 2016 year)