SPRC arranges AGM and confirms its Dividend Payment at Baht 1.1824 per share
06 April 2017

(Bangkok) – Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (“SPRC”) conducted its 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders (AGM) yesterday at the Royal Maneeya Ballroom, Renaissance Hotel, Bangkok.

The Shareholders of SPRC approved the dividend payout of Baht 1.1824 per share which represents a dividend payout of 60% which is in line with the Company’s dividend policy of at least 50% payout.  In September 2016, the Company made an interim dividend payment from the first half of 2016 operations of Baht 0.5378 per share. The remaining dividend of Baht 0.6446 per share will be paid from 2016 net profit.

The record date for shareholders entitled to the dividend payment will be on 19 April 2017.  XD date will be on 17 April 2017 and book closing date on 20 April 2017.The dividend payment of Baht 0.6446 per share will be paid on 3 May 2017.

Mr. Bill Stone, CEO and Director of SPRC reported that the 2016 Company’s earnings were US$245 million (Baht 8,688 million) and market gross refining margin was US$6.68/bbl.  He highlighted that a strong “ONE FAMILY CULTURE” is built on foundation of superior personal and process safety, leading  SPRC to achieve 12.9 million man-hours since its last days away from work injury more than 3 and a half years ago.  SPRC has continued to drive for superior plant reliability, high process utilization, and margin optimization through the Bottom Line Improvement Program.