SPRC Announces Q1/2016 Performance
29 April 2016

Mr. Bill Stone, CEO and Director, Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (“SPRC”) stated that in Q1/2016, “Despite lower product cracks and gross refining margins than previous quarters, SPRC had strong earnings of US$ 48 million or Baht 1,703 million) (0.39 baht per share).”

 SPRC’s One Family culture continued to support strong operational performance, with our personal safety record extending to 5.9 million man-hours since our last injury. We also maintained excellent reliability and utilization performance at the same or better levels as 2015.  Margin optimization efforts through the Bottom Line Improvement Program exceeded the target, including placement of 91% of our products domestically, which helped us to achieve a strong market gross refining margin of 8.26 US$/barrel.